How can I help?



Help us and the people of Ukraine with financial support or a donation of supplies.



We rely on volunteers and drivers at collection points.   We are also looking for people who can temporarily accommodate refugees.



Find out more about the current situation and tell your friends, neighbours and colleagues.



Let your voice be heard. Take to the streets together with us and many people around the world.


  • 21


    have already gone to Ukraine to save lives there

  • 30

    Cars for saving lives

    have already driven to Ukraine to get people out of the most dangerous situations

  • 11

    Donated Buses

    have already gone to Ukraine to bring people from war zones to quiet cities

  • 60

    Trucks with Relief Supplies

    were supplied with petrol through your monetary donations

  • 10

    Vans with Medication, Sleeping Pads, Bags

    and blankets were delivered to Ukraine through your donations

  • 3

    Trucks with Medical Supplies

    were delivered to the war zones in the last few days

  • 3 K


    at a cost of over 60,000 euro were bought and delivered to war zones thanks to your donations

  • 879

    Hemostatic Bandages

    were bought through your donations and sent to the war zones

  • 14

    First Aid Backpacks

    were financed through your donations and sent to emergency doctors in Ukraine

  • 3 K

    Protective Items

    (including 285 items of protective clothing and 2877 items of protective equipment) were financed through your donations and sent to the people in the war zones

  • 469

    New Sleeping Bags

    and numerous donated sleeping bags are now warming Ukrainians


    Pack Aid Supplies

    We rely on many helping hands to sort, pack and load medical supplies and other aid supplies onto trucks. If you can help us at the warehouse in Nuremberg, please sign up here.

    If you would like to help us in Bamberg, please click below to contact the relevant person by support area.

    Transport Needs

    Can your provide and/or drive a vehicle (sprinter/truck)? Then please add your name to our list. Thank you for your support!

    Host Refugees

    If you would like to offer safe accommodation to refugees, please go to the page of our partner Bamberg hilft Ukraine and fill out the form on that site.



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