Donate Supplies

Cold and nasty weather combined with power failures and missile attacks make anything that can be used in emergency very much needed.

What items are we collecting?

We collect everything that is required in disaster situations, such as fire protection, power failure, etc, as well as medical supplies and equipment.

Right now we are in need of the following:

  • Medical care:
    • Infusion solution
    • Gel for wounds
    • Ointment for wounds
    • Disinfectant for wounds
    • Hand disinfectant
    • Eye drops for dry eyes
    • Adhesive plaster (band-aid)
    • Medical scissors
    • Material for dressing wounds
    • Medical supplies for burns
    • Surgical clothing (also sterile)
    • First aid kits (DIN standard)
    • Clinical thermometers

  • Rescue equipment
    • Woolen blankets
    • Sleeping bags
    • Sleeping pads
    • Thermal underwear (new)
    • Rescue blankets
    • Flashlights, headlamps
    • Power banks
    • Work gloves
    • Protective gear
    • Search and rescue equipment (e.g. hoes, ropes for evacuating people)

If you can supply hospital equipment, such as operating tables, hospital beds, this would also be gratefully received. Please contact us:

Due to the lack of time and resources, we kindly ask you to bring your donations pre-packed:

  • Items in closed boxes only
  • No open sacks or bags
  • Boxes labeled (preferably in English)

Thank you for your understanding.

Where is the collection point?

Lagarde Kaserne, 96052 Bamberg
The entrance is on the right side of Zollnerstraße in the section between Weißenburgstraße and Berliner Ring.
Opening times: check here

Supplies may be collected after a prior check on the hours.
Please write us at: