Ambulance Cars

Thanks to the cooperation with our partners in Germany, we are able to purchase ambulances that are sent to Ukraine fully loaded with essential supplies.

To send a fully-equipped ambulance to save lives in Ukraine, our approach is as follows.

First, we receive an inquiry from our partners in Ukraine and begin collecting funds. At the same time, we request offers from companies that sell ambulances. Once the funds are in place, we purchase the ambulance. Then we locate a driver who can pick up the ambulance and drive it to Ukraine or to the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Our ambulances have basic medical equipment for providing first-aid such as stretchers, mattresses, defibrillators, ECG, and infusion pumps. In addition, we load ambulances with dressings, medicines and other essential medical supplies, all of which are usually donated by local hospitals. We prepare the ambulance for dispatch in Bamberg and the very next day it leaves for customs clearance.

Do you want to support us?

You can help us as follows:

  • Financially (send money with payment reference “Rettungswagen” or “Ambulance”)
  • Gift / pay for an ambulance
  • Donate / pay for medical equipment
  • Help us load the ambulances with essential supplies 
  • Help with fundraising