Fighting the War

Since February 24, 2022 our activities are focused exclusively on helping to save as many lives as possible. Everything that we send to Ukraine is either donated by various organizations or bought with your donations. Thank you for not being indifferent to the plight of our country and its people!

Ambulance Cars

Thanks to your donations and those of our partners, we are able to send ambulances to Ukraine that provide first aid to victims in the war zones.

To date: 27 ambulances

Medical Supplies

Due to the acute shortage of medical equipment, we are collecting and transporting as many medical supplies and as much equipment as we can, from bandages to x-ray machines.

To date: 5,570 tourniquets

Emergency Aid

Supplies needed to save and preserve life in an emergency situation includes sleeping bags, protective clothing and equipment, as well as medical backpacks. We purchase all of these items and send them to regions experiencing a critical need.

To date: 6,104 units of equipment

Utility Vehicles

Fire trucks, buses, and cranes donated by us are used for evacuations and to deal with the consequences of the attacks.

To date: 35 vehicles

Cars for Saving Lives

To help with the evacuation of the civilian population, we used to buy and transport cars to Ukraine. Upon arrival they were used to save lives.

Achieved: 35 cars

Rehabilitation Support

We support Ukrainian soldiers who are in rehabilitation in Germany.

Integration of Refugees

The refugee aid team helps people who were forced by the war to seek refuge in Germany.

To date: 1000+ people helped