Humanitarian Aid since 2014

Russian initial aggression in eastern Ukraine created a constant need for medical supplies and equipment in hospitals as well as basic household items for residents in affected regions.

Why?Russia’s aggression in eastern Ukraine
What?Medical equipment, medical beds, furniture
Who?Students led by the priest Reverend Bohdan Pushkar
Where?Initially in Bamberg and the surrounding area, then subsequently across all of Germany
When?Since 2014

In 2014, the Russian Federation annexed the Crimean peninsula and started a war in eastern Ukraine, without formally declaring one. The Ukrainian government announced an anti-terrorist operation in order to protect the territory from the attacks. As a result of the hostilities, there was an urgent need for medical equipment in hospitals, as well as for various household items, as residents of the eastern regions lost their homes.

Our local priest Reverend Bohdan Pushkar began an initiative “Hilfe für die Ukraine” (“Help for Ukraine”). We started discussing the situation and looking for humanitarian aid. Many organizations, associations and individuals responded to our call. This is how we managed to send many trucks loaded with humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Beds and medical equipment from German hospitals have saved the lives of many people across different regions of our homeland. In addition, everyday supplies help to improve the living standards for residents in the war-torn areas of eastern Ukraine. This only describes part of what the humanitarian project “Help for Ukraine” has achieved since it was established in 2014, shortly after the military invasion of Ukraine began.

We are very grateful to all those contributors who have supported us over many years in sending trucks loaded with valuable supplies to Ukraine. We also thank all the volunteers, who have assisted us with loading the trucks, as well as our partner organizations in Ukraine, without whom this project would not exist.