Integration of Refugees

The war in Ukraine has forced many people to seek refuge within Ukraine and abroad. Bamberg is one of the many cities in Germany offering support to Ukrainians who have fled their homeland.

The refugee support team is made up of members of the association “Bamberg:UA” as well as volunteers who each have their own area of responsibility (e.g. school support, youth work, university orientation, translation/interpretation, accompanying on doctors visits, and German language courses). The municipal authorities in Bamberg together with volunteer initiatives such as “Freund statt Fremd” (Friend instead of stranger) and “Bamberg hilft Ukraine” (Bamberg helps Ukraine) have put a lot of effort into supporting Ukrainians in Bamberg and the surrounding area. For example, the website has been translated into Ukrainian, providing general information on integrating into German society.

Our colleagues from the organization “Freund statt Fremd” (Friend instead of stranger) also offer information assistance in Ukrainian:

Schützenstraße 2a

96047 Bamberg

0951 / 91 41 89 35

Ukraine office hours: Tuesdays 5 – 7 pm and Thursdays 9 – 12 pm (Ukrainian)

Digital office hours: Wednesdays and Saturdays 2 – 5 p.m.

A Telegram channel has also been created where you can get news about upcoming events organized in Bamberg.

You can help Ukrainian refugees in many different ways. Often it is everyday things, such as translations when going to the authorities, accompanying them to the doctor, helping to find a pharmacy, to get a pair of glasses repaired, or simply just a conversation or a hug.

Support in finding a place to live and a job has also become very important now.