Multimedial Ukranian Language Course

We created a series for learning the Ukrainian language with the goal of combining something that was both fun and practical.

Why?For an interesting and effective study of the Ukrainian language
What?The series “Invitation to Ukraine”
Who?Instructors: experts in teaching foreign languages, in particular, Ukrainian.
Organization and actors: members of our association.
Where?The series was filmed in Bamberg and Lviv.

“Invitation to Ukraine” is an educational series consisting of eight episodes, created so that all foreigners who are preparing for a trip to Ukraine have the opportunity to quickly learn the basic vocabulary for communication in various situations.

In addition to free educational material, such as dictionaries, grammar explanations, exercises and videos, those who want to learn the Ukrainian language can learn about Ukrainian culture, music, national dishes and many other things of interest to foreigners. And as a bonus, every viewer can immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere of the cultural capital of Ukraine, the city of Lviv.

We were inspired to create such a series by working with German students. The teachers of our organization Bamberg:UA and the educational organization Freundschaft kennt keine Grenzen prepared German students to participate in the school exchange and taught them the Ukrainian language for beginners. Due to the short duration of these preparatory courses, we did not have time to work with the textbook, so we had to independently create educational materials to master the key topics as quickly as possible. However, we lacked educational resources where it would be possible to virtually get immersed into the Ukrainian environment.

At the initiative of Oksana Lustenhouwer, an expert in the use of audiovisual media for teaching foreign languages, we turned this problem into an opportunity. This is how the volunteer educational project “Invitation to Ukraine” was born.