577 Days of War

The Russian Federation is waging a terrorist war on Ukrainian territory. This is not just a war of one army against another, but violence on a mass scale against peaceful civilians. Please help us save lives.

Support us

Ambulance Delivery

The ambulances that we send to Ukraine are equipped with everything needed to provide first aid to victims.

Goal: Deliver ambulances that rescue people

Medical Supplies

Bandages, tourniquets, first aid kits, medical devices – we collect everything needed in medical situations.

Goal: Supply hospitals and field medics

Emergency Aid

Rescue and protective equipment is collected, purchased and transferred to the places in Ukraine where it is needed.

Goal: Provide means of help to the injured

Our Impact

ARS Needles Dekompressionskits500
Cars for Saving Lives35
Chest Seal Combo Pack2100
Emergency Bandage8260
Evacuation Buses35
First Aid Kits10000
Hand Warmers364
Hemostatic Gauze1879
Hospital Beds87
Medical Backpacks1622
Painkillers & Cold Remedies+10000
Protective Items6104
Tactical Tourniquets5570
Drinking Water Filters270
Ultrasound Machines12

Who we are

Bamberg:UA is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 in the German city of Bamberg by Ukrainian students. Our original goal was to support Ukraine and build a cultural bridge between the two countries.

On February 24th, when Russia invaded Ukraine, we suspended our cultural and educational activities and began focusing exclusively on humanitarian assistance.



  • Updates coming

    Here we will write short posts on what has happened to give you a glimpse of our activities. If you were involved, there is a good chance that the posts will feature you as well! Follow our updates to see more!