School Exchange Program

The school exchange project “Los geht’s!” was established to bring students from Germany and Ukraine together, to exchange cultural experiences, and to motivate Ukrainian students to learn foreign languages and apply them in practice.

Why?Cultural and educational exchange
What?School exchange project “Los geht’s!”
Who?Students of E.T.A. Hoffmann-Gymnasium in the city of Bamberg and schools of the Rozhnyativ district of the Ivano-Frankivsk region
Where?Germany and Ukraine
When?2019, 2020. Twice a year: in the spring — a trip of Ukrainian students to Germany, in the fall — a trip of German students to Ukraine.

As we ourselves were lucky enough to get an education in Germany and discover new experiences, we decided to share part of that with others. We invited schools from Ukrainian villages and small towns to participate, because usually the more remote communities have neither the financial ability nor connections to make this kind of initiative happen.

The exchange project provided for a ten-day stay by Ukrainian students in the city of Bamberg and their participation in classes at the E.T.A.-Hoffmann-Gymnasium. It also covered a ten-day stay by German students in Ukraine.

Activities included:

Attending a foreign school

  • A brief introduction to foreign universities (German and Ukrainian)
  • Studying the German and Ukrainian languages
  • Acquainting students with the art and religion of each other’s country
  • Presentation of students’ own culture
  • Joint visits to museums, temples, castles, theaters, zoos
  • Team work
  • Preparation and enjoyment of national dishes
  • Joint farewell parties
  • Educational meetings in online mode during the pandemic