Get Involved

We are very grateful to all the volunteers, partners, colleagues, and friends who support us in every way and join in supporting Ukraine at this difficult time. If you would like to become part of our team – as a partner, volunteer, benefactor, intern, photographer, or in any other capacity – you are welcome to join us!

Become our Partner

We are open to partnership with organizations, businesses, and larger companies and look forward to cooperating with you in support of a very good cause.

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Volunteer with us

Extra pairs of hands are always welcome in the team. There is plenty to do and it’s faster together. Join us!

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Donate Supplies

We need various supplies, vehicles, and equipment. If you are able to donate something that may be of use, contact us.

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Stay Informed

We have collected a list of credible information sources here, both in English and German. Please spread this information in your network. We must also win the information war.

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