Cars for Saving Lives

Our “Cars for Saving Lives” team used to fundraise for the purchase and transport to Ukraine of cars to evacuate people out of hostile areas. We closed this project, but will gladly provide you with an overview.

Cars become critical during times of war. They save lives by enabling the evacuation of injured people from areas with shelling to places where they can feel safe. Unfortunately in a war, cars are easily destroyed. They can burn, break down, or be damaged by landmines.
That is why we cannot stop. During the first nine months of the war, we purchased and transported 35 evacuation vehicles to Ukraine. Since we are focused on other activities now, we do not fundraise for the cars anymore, but we believe the 35 cars for saving lives we managed to send saved a couple of dozens (or hundreds) of people´s lives.

This is how we used to organize the transportation of a car to save lives.

As a first step, we fundraised to cover the cost of each car. Meanwhile, our teammate Oleg searched for used cars at a reasonable price and thoroughly assesses their suitability. Next, we selected the best of what is on offer and purchase them. Then, our team members or external volunteers transported the cars to Ukraine. There, the vehicles were passed to the volunteer organization “Narodna Samooborona Lvivshyny” (People’s Self-Defense Lviv). This NGO has the most up-to-date information regarding local needs and distributed the cars to other parts of the country.

Do you want to support us?

There are a number of ways you can help us save lives, even with this very project closed. One of the ways is to make a donation, so that we can purchase ambulances or emergency aid and them to Ukraine. Even the smallest donation matters a lot.

A second way to help us is to provide any information you have about used ambulances or other personnel or utility vehicles for sale or donation in the local area. It is often hard to find a used vehicle in a suitable state and at a fair price. We would be very grateful for any leads.