About Us

Our Story

We are a non-profit organization founded in 2017 by Ukrainian students at Bamberg University and this is our story.


Two professors from Bamberg University visit Lviv and decide to invite several students to Germany. This is the beginning of a student exchange, which later turns into a fully-fledged Erasmus program. As a result, many Ukrainian students come to Bamberg, which explains why students are at the heart of our organization.


The Russian Federation annexes Crimea and ignites a resistance movement in Ukraine and abroad. The Ukrainian community in Bamberg rallies around the local church, led by Priest Bohdan Pushkar, who starts the initiative “Hilfe für die Ukraine” (“Help for Ukraine”). We regularly send trucks with humanitarian aid during the next few years.


The non-profit “Bamberg:UA e.V.” is officially established, which not only continues the initiative, but also promotes educational and cultural exchange between Germany and Ukraine. As an organization, we participate in various public events and initiate numerous projects of our own.


The first large-scale project takes place, which is the exchange of schoolchildren between Germany and Ukraine.


The Russian Federation launches a full-scale war in Ukraine. Our NGO changes its focus in response.

Our Mission


We dream of the day when Ukrainians no longer need humanitarian aid from abroad.


We rally to promote Ukrainian-German relations and support Ukraine.


  • Humanity
  • Openness
  • Partnership
  • Love for Ukraine

Our Team


Tanja Ehrlein


Dennis Dechnik


Tetiana Andrushkiv


Margareta Maletska



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Mariana Logvinenko


Mariia Stetsko

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Campaigns, Projects, Tasks

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Emergency Aid

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Utility Vehicles in Coop. with FkkG e.V.

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Our Partners

If you want to become our partner, you can join us here

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