Medical Supplies

At the moment, we have high demand for dressings, first aid kits and various kinds of medical equipment, which we collect and transport to Ukraine.

The medical team includes not only Bamberg:UA members but also many other volunteers. Together, we contact medical practices, local hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies and advise them on the needs of Ukrainian hospitals.

Together with other organizations and volunteers from Nuremberg, Bamberg and other cities (like Heidelberg, Mannheim where we cooperate with FkkG e.V.), we have set up warehouses to collect medical supplies and other urgently needed equipment donated for the people in Ukraine. The supplies are then transported to Przemysl (Poland) on the Polish-Ukrainian border by experienced truck drivers where they reach a local storage and distribution center. They are then handed over to a NGO, the People’s Self-Defense Lviv, which receives the supplies via the green corridor at the border to ensure targeted distribution across the country’s war zones.

Do you want to support us?

If you know someone who would like to donate medical equipment, dressings for burns, hemostatic agents, disinfectants, etc., write to us: or anna.lonska@bamberg-

If you enjoy communicating with people and want to help, write to Anna and become part of our team: