Handmade Easter Eggs

Ukrainian Easter eggs or pysanky are more than just souvenirs. The art of egg decoration is based on specific motifs which represent the beliefs of our ancestors. That is why every pysanka tells a unique story and is meant to serve as a symbolic charm.

Why?To promote cultural awareness and raise funding for our various projects 
What?Easter egg sale
Who?Khrystyna Pavliukh and members of the organization
Where?German parishes in Bamberg and surrounding areas
When?Every year on Palm Sunday from 2014 till 2020 (based on the Gregorian 

In Ukrainian culture, the tradition of egg decoration dates back to pagan times and was later absorbed into Christian traditions. Typical patterns are created from geometrical, plant, and animal ornamentation. Every element of a composition has its own symbolic significance.  For example, the image of the sun represents light and God. The wheel is said to symbolize the cycle of life and God’s everlasting love. The cross indicates the four corners of the world and is also a sign of salvation. The tree of life is associated with the idea of goodness and divine wisdom. 

Colors also play an important role in egg decoration. Red stands for the joy of life, yellow for warmth and harvesting, and green symbolizes spring and nature’s rebirth.

We prepared in advance by ordering handmade Easter eggs from Ukrainian craftswomen. On Palm Sunday in the parishes of Bamberg,  there were Ukrainian students with baskets full of beautiful art objects. In the end, the entire profit from egg sales was invested back into our educational projects and support for Ukraine.