Emergency Aid

Anything that can be used for saving lives in emergency situations is needed urgently in Ukraine.

We buy and transport:

  • Tactical tourniquets
  • Hemostatic bandages
  • Emergency bandages
  • Trauma bandages
  • Chest seal combo packs
  • IFAK sets
  • Medical backpacks
  • Sleeping bags
  • Protective clothes and equipment

A significant part of the equipment for emergency medical care we send to Ukraine was specifically created for the military. Trauma bandages, for example, were developed by the Israeli military. Studies have shown that tourniquets have reduced by up to 60% the rate of fatalities due to bleeding by soldiers in the field. At the same time, special medical products such as these are also used for civilian purposes in Germany. Tourniquets, for instance, can be found more and more often in ambulances.

Supplies like these find practical application as follows.

  • Tourniquets: Used for severe injuries of the limbs to stop all blood flow in the bandaged area.
  • Hemostatic bandages (Celox): Available in the form of bandages, dressings, powder, etc. The nebulizer has a hemostatic effect. Used for severe injuries that are treated selectively.
  • Combined chest seal: Prevents air infiltration in case of injuries in the chest area.
  • IFAK: Tactical first aid kit with the items listed above.

All these items are important for providing first aid. They prevent the seriously injured from bleeding to death on the spot and allow them to be transported to the nearest hospital.

Additionally, sleeping bags and protective clothing protect the body from the environment.

The process we have set up to deliver these supplies to where they are most needed consists of:

  1. Purchasing items from our permanent German partners.
  2. Transportation of supplies to Ukraine.
  3. Handing supplies over to the People’s Self-Defense of Lviv region, which is engaged in the distribution of medicines. Self-defense is addressed by various organizations throughout Ukraine and the available supplies are transported first to hot zones on an as-needed basis. Our medical backpacks go to medical teams.

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