More Cars for Saving Lives

Funding for Evacuation Vehicles needed

The evacuation vehicles are urgently needed in Ukraine given the current situation. We would like to buy more cars, but we need more funds. Please join our initiative.
Let’s save lives together!

Four Cars for Saving Lives are Already There

(updated on May 9th)

This week Bamberg:UA, as part of the “Cars for saving lives” project, bought the third vehicle for evacuating civilians and brought it to Ukraine. Today (05/09/2022) we bought a fourth car.

Help us send more cars to Ukraine!

IBAN: DE05 7639 1000 0001 5183 13
Account holder: Bamberg:UA eV
Purpose: Cars for saving lives

or via Paypal

Please enter the intended purpose. We thank everyone who supports our project from the bottom of our hearts!

We are also very grateful to our Ukrainian partner organization Tustan for the cooperation.